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Support Group Meeting
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Community is at the heart of 7 City’s vision and values. We believe the best way to invest in your growth is with a group of Christ followers. 7 City offers groups that operate on a three season schedule (Summer, Fall and Spring). Community Groups are small groups of 6-15 people that meet online on Zoom video call, in homes, apartments, coffee shops in various parts of the city. Each group spends time eating together, discussing spiritual topics, and praying.  It’s the best way to build friendships at 7 City, and to begin growing in your faith in Christ.


  • Are community Groups for me? 

    • ​Yes, we believe everyone needs friends in the journey of life. 

  • How long do the Community Group Seasons last? 

    • Small groups generally last for a minimum for 4-6 meetings across a span of 2-3 months.  

  • What type of commitment do I need to make to join a group? 

    • We ask that you do your best to attend as many meetings as possible. Some groups meet every week and others meet every other week.  

  • Do you offer groups for different ages and stages? 

    • Yes! Some groups focus on a specific stage of life whole others are open to anybody.  We also have other groups on shared interest or hobbies.

  • What will our Community Group be discussing? 

    • All of our groups study an approved curriculum. Each group leader picks the focus for their group and rotate topics every season.

  • What about childcare? 

    • Some of our groups offer free childcare. Talk with your group leader for more details.

  • How do I become a Small Group Leader? 

    • The best way to become a Small Group Leader is a three-step process: join a group, serve as an apprentice, then be recommended as a leader.

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